• Safety, Service, Quality, Experience

    Crew One Productions is your one stop source for quality technical staffing in the Southeast.

    It is our mission to provide you with the best service and quality our industry has to offer. Whether it's a festival, arena show, corporate event or truck load, we make sure you receive a tailored crew to fit all of your calls.

    We make safety a top priority and are committed to the safety standards of the entertainment and event industries through education and years of experience.

    Crew One has over two decades of experience as a company and our management team have countless years of combined experience in the business to back our reputation and fulfill your professional needs.

  • Recognized As The Industry's Best

    Crew One Productions has become the go-to-source for the nation's leading entertainment and concert promoters.

    Our crews have worked on production and staging for today's biggest names in music at some of the most popular amphitheaters, arenas, and festivals in the country. As the industry continues to evolve, so do our crews, our reputation, and our determination to satisfy our clients' growing needs.

    The Crew One name is recognized by touring professionals, corporate sponsors, and sporting organizations alike for the reliability, professionalism, and experience of its crews.

    We are here to help you bring your production to life.

  • Event Safety Alliance Supporter

    As the entertainment and event industries continue to evolve, there will always be the need for an organization of dedicated industry professionals whose goal is to consistently ensure a safer work environment for all. That is why Crew One is proud to support the Event Safety Alliance.

    The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a non-profit safety trade association dedicated to promoting the concept of “life safety first” during all phases of event production, and strives to eliminate the knowledge barrier that often contributes to unsafe conditions and behaviors.

    The ESA is setting industry safety standards with the “Event Safety Guide”, a guide that compiles industry knowledge and expertise to more accurately update safety standards as well as develop the educational and training support essential to increase safety awareness within the event industry.

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Contact: Jeff Jackson
763 Trabert Ave NW STE E
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Memphis, TN 38103
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Contact: Mark Kocourek
750 Cowan Street
Nashville, TN 37207
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